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function PackTextures (textures : Texture2D[], padding : int, maximumAtlasSize : int = 2048) : Rect[]


textures Array of textures to pack into atlas.
padding Padding in pixels between packed textures.
maximumAtlasSize Maximum size of the resulting texture.


Rect[] - An array of rectangles containing the UV coordinates in the atlas for each input texture, or null if packing fails.


Packs multiple textures into a texture atlas.

This function will replace current texture with the texture atlas. Size, format and whether the texture has mipmaps can change after packing.

Resulting texture atlas will be as large as needed to fit all input textures, but only up to maximumAtlasSize in each dimension. If all input textures can't fit into texture atlas of such size, they will be scaled down to fit.

Texture atlas will have DXT1 format if all input textures are DXT1 compressed. If all input textures are compressed in DXT1 or DXT5 formats, then atlas will be in DXT5 format. If any input texture is not compressed, then atlas will be in ARGB32 uncompressed format.

If none of input textures have mipmaps, then atlas will have no mipmaps as well.