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function LoadImage (data : byte[]) : bool


Loads an image from a byte array.

This function loads a JPG or PNG image from raw byte[] array.

// Load a .jpg or .png file by adding .txt extensions to the file
// and dragging it on the imageTextAsset
var imageTextAsset : TextAsset;
function Start () {
var tex = new Texture2D (4, 4);
renderer.material.mainTexture = tex;

This function replaces texture contents with new image data. After LoadImage, texture size and format might change. JPG files are loaded into RGB24 format, PNG files are loaded into ARGB32 format. If texture format before calling LoadImage is DXT1 or DXT5, then the loaded image will be DXT-compressed (into DXT1 for JPG images and DXT5 for PNG images).

See Also: EncodeToPNG function.