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function GetPixel (x : int, y : int) : Color


Returns pixel color at coordinates (x, y).

If the pixel coordinates are out of bounds (larger than width/height or small than 0), they will be clamped or repeat based on the texture's wrap mode.

If you are reading a large block of pixels from the texture, it may be faster to use GetPixels which returns a whole block of pixel colors.

The texture must have the Is Readable flag set in the import settings, otherwise this function will fail.

// Sets the y coordinate of the transform to follow the heightmap
var heightmap : Texture2D;
var size = Vector3 (100, 10, 100);
function Update () {
var x : int = transform.position.x / size.x * heightmap.width;
var z : int = transform.position.z / size.z * heightmap.height;
transform.position.y = heightmap.GetPixel(x, z).grayscale * size.y;

See Also: GetPixels, SetPixel, GetPixelBilinear.