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static function Find (name : string) : Shader


Finds a shader with the given name.

Shader.Find can be used to switch to another shader without having to keep a reference to the shader. name is the name you can see in the shader popup of any material. Common names are: "Diffuse", "Bumped Diffuse", "VertexLit", "Transparent/Diffuse" etc.

When building a player, a shader will only be included if it is assigned to a material that is used in any scene or if the shader is placed in a "Resources" folder.

// Switch the shader from code
function Start ()
// Switch to the transparent diffuse shader
renderer.material.shader = Shader.Find ("Transparent/Diffuse");

// Create a material from code
function Start () {
// Create a material with transparent diffuse shader
var material = new Material (Shader.Find ("Transparent/Diffuse"));
material.color =;
// assign the material to the renderer
renderer.material = material;

See Also: Material class.