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static function SetResolution (width : int, height : int, fullscreen : bool, preferredRefreshRate : int = 0) : void


Switches the screen resolution.

A width by height resolution will be used. If no matching resolution is supported, the closest one will be used.

If preferredRefreshRate is 0 (default) Unity will switch to the highest refresh rate supported by the monitor.
If preferredRefreshRate is not 0 Unity will use it if the monitor supports it, otherwise will choose the highest supported one.

In the web player you may only switch resolutions after the user has clicked on the content. The recommended way of doing it is to switch resolutions only when the user clicks on a designated button.

A resolution switch does not happen immediately; it will actually happen when the current frame is finished.

// Switch to 640 x 480 fullscreen
Screen.SetResolution (640, 480, true);

// Switch to 640 x 480 fullscreen at 60 hz
Screen.SetResolution (640, 480, true, 60);

// Switch to 800 x 600 windowed
Screen.SetResolution (800, 600, false);

See Also: resolutions property.