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var timestamp : double


The time stamp when the Message was sent in seconds.

Timestamps can be used to implement interpolation or extrapolation of continous streams of packets The timestamp is passed as a double to avoid overflow when a game is running for a long time. Internally timestamps are sent as 32 bit integers with millisecond accuracy to save bandwidth. Timestamps are automatically adjusted to be relative to Network.time. Thus Network.time - messageInfo.timeStamp is the time the packet spent in transit.

var something : float;
var transitTime: double;
function OnSerializeNetworkView (stream : BitStream,
info : NetworkMessageInfo) {
var horizontalInput : float = 0.0;
if (stream.isWriting) {
// Sending
horizontalInput = transform.position.x;
stream.Serialize (horizontalInput);
} else {
// Receiving
transitTime = Network.time - info.timestamp;
stream.Serialize (horizontalInput);
something = horizontalInput;

function OnGUI() {
GUILayout.Label("Last transmission time: "+ transitTime);