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static var minimumAllocatableViewIDs : int


Get or set the minimum number of ViewID numbers in the ViewID pool given to clients by the server.

The ViewID pools are given to each player as he connects and are refreshed with new numbers if the player runs out. The server and clients should be in sync regarding this value. Setting this higher only on the server has the effect that he sends more view ID numbers to clients, than they really want. Setting this higher only on clients means they request more view IDs more often, for example twice in a row, as the pools received from the server don't contain enough numbers. The default value is 100.

If a game instantiates a lot of new objects over the network on each client, like more than 100 network intantiations per minute, then this value should be set higher.

function Awake () {
// Use a bigger view ID pool to allocate from
Network.minimumAllocatableViewIDs = 500;