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static function GetJoystickNames () : string[]


Returns an array of stings describing the connected joysticks.

This can be useful in user input configuration screens - this way, instead of showing labels like "Joystick 1", you can show more meaningful names like "Logitech WingMan". To read values from different joysticks, you need to assign respective axes for the number of joysticks you want to support in the input manager.

function Update () {
// requires you to set up axes "Joy0X" - "Joy3X" and "Joy0Y" - "Joy3Y" in the Input Manger
for (i=0; i<4; i++)
if (Mathf.Abs(Input.GetAxis("Joy"+i+"X")) > 0.2
|| Mathf.Abs(Input.GetAxis("Joy"+i+"Y")) > 0.2)
Debug.Log (Input.GetJoystickNames()[i]+" is moved");