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static function BlitMultiTap (source : Texture, dest : RenderTexture, mat : Material, params offsets : Vector2[]) : void


source Source texture.
dest Destination RenderTexture, or null to blit directly to screen.
mat Material to use for copying. Material's shader should do some post-processing effect.
offsets Variable number of filtering offsets. Offsets are given in pixels.


Copies source texture into destination, for multi-tap shader.

This is mostly used for implementing some image effects. For example, Gaussian or iterative Cone blurring samples source texture at multiple different locations.

BlitMultiTap sets dest to be active render texture, sets source as _MainTex property on the material, and draws a full-screen quad. Each vertex of the quad has multiple texture coordinates set up, offset by offsets pixels.

See Also: Graphics.Blit, image effects.