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static function GetNameOfFocusedControl () : string


Get the name of named control that has focus.

Control names are set up by using SetNextControlName. When a named control has focus, this function will return its name. If no control has focus or the focused control has no name set returns empty string.

GetNameOfFocusedControl works well when you make a login box.

var login = "username";
var login2 = "no action here";

function OnGUI () {
GUI.SetNextControlName ("user");
login = GUI.TextField (Rect (10,10,130,20), login);

login2 = GUI.TextField (Rect (10,40,130,20), login2);
if (Event.current.Equals (Event.KeyboardEvent ("return")) &&
GUI.GetNameOfFocusedControl () == "user")
Debug.Log ("Login");

if (GUI.Button (new Rect (150,10,50,20), "Login"))
Debug.Log ("Login");

See Also: SetNextControlName, FocusControl.