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static var tooltip : string


The tooltip of the control the mouse is currently over, or which has keyboard focus. (Read Only).

When you create GUI controls, you can pass in a tooltip for them. This is done by changing the content parameter to take a custom-made GUIContent object, rather than just passing in a string to display.

When the mouse is over a control with a tooltip, it sets the global GUI.tooltip value to the tooltip you pass in. If the mouse is not howering over any control, the value is set to the control which has keyboard focus. At the end of the OnGUI code, you can make a label showing the value of GUI.tooltip

function OnGUI () {
// Make a button using a custom GUIContent parameter to pass in the tooltip.
GUI.Button (Rect (10,10,100,20), GUIContent ("Click me", "This is the tooltip"));

// Display the tooltip from the element that has mouseover or keyboard focus
GUI.Label (Rect (10,40,100,40), GUI.tooltip);

You can use the ordering of elements to create 'hierarchical' tooltips:

function OnGUI () {
// This box is larger than many elements following it, and it has a tooltip.
GUI.Box (Rect (5, 35, 110, 75), GUIContent ("Box", "this box has a tooltip"));

// This button is inside the box, but has no tooltip so it does not
// override the box's tooltip.
GUI.Button (Rect (10, 55, 100, 20), "No tooltip here");

// This button is inside the box, and HAS a tooltip so it overrides
// the tooltip from the box.
GUI.Button (Rect (10, 80, 100, 20),
GUIContent ("I have a tooltip", "The button overrides the box"));
// finally, display the tooltip from the element that has
// mouseover or keyboard focus
GUI.Label (Rect (10,40,100,40), GUI.tooltip);

Tooltips can also be used to implement an OnMouseOver / OnMouseOut messaging system:

var lastTooltip = "";

function OnGUI () {
GUILayout.Button (GUIContent ("Play Game", "Button1"));
GUILayout.Button (GUIContent ("Quit", "Button2"));

if (Event.current.type == EventType.repaint && GUI.tooltip != lastTooltip) {
if (lastTooltip != "")
SendMessage (lastTooltip + "OnMouseOut", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
if (GUI.tooltip != "")
SendMessage (GUI.tooltip + "OnMouseOver", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
lastTooltip = GUI.tooltip;

function Button1OnMouseOver () {
Debug.Log ("Play game got focus");

function Button2OnMouseOut () {
Debug.Log ("Quit lost focus");