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var worldToCameraMatrix : Matrix4x4


Matrix that transforms from world to camera space.

Use this to calculate the camera space position of objects or to provide custom camera's location that is not based on the transform.

Note that camera space matches OpenGL convention: camera's forward is the negative Z axis. This is different from Unity's convention, where forward is the positive Z axis.

If you change this matrix, the camera no longer updates its rendering based on its Transform. This lasts until you call ResetWorldToCameraMatrix.

// Offsets camera's rendering from the transform's position.
var offset = Vector3 (0,1,0);

function LateUpdate () {
// Construct a matrix that offsets and mirrors along
// Z axis. Because camera space has mirrored Z with respect
// to the rest of Unity.
var camoffset = Vector3 (-offset.x, -offset.y, offset.z);
var m = Matrix4x4.TRS (camoffset, Quaternion.identity, Vector3 (1,1,-1));
// Override worldToCameraMatrix to be offset/mirrored
// transform's matrix.
camera.worldToCameraMatrix = m * transform.worldToLocalMatrix;