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static function CreateAsset (asset : Object, path : string) : void


Creates a new asset at path.

You must ensure that the path uses a supported extension ('.mat' for materials, '.cubemap' for cubemaps, '.GUISkin' for skins, '.anim' for animations and '.asset' for arbitrary other assets.)

You can add more assets to the file using AssetDatabase.AddObjectToAsset after the asset has been created. If an asset already exists at path it will be deleted prior to creating a new asset. All paths are relative to the project folder. Like: "Assets/MyTextures/hello.png"

@MenuItem("GameObject/Create Material")
static function CreateMaterial () {
// Create a simple material asset
var material = new Material (Shader.Find("Specular"));
AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(material, "Assets/MyMaterial.mat");

// Print the path of the created asset