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static var absoluteURL : string


The absolute path to the web player data file (Read Only).

Application.absoluteURL and Application.srcValue allow you to detect if your unityWeb data file was moved to another location or is being linked to. You might want to protect against both to prevent piracy of your data files.

// This detects if your data files were moved to another server
// or are being linked to from somewhere else.
function Start ()
var isPirated = false;

if (Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.WindowsWebPlayer ||
Application.platform == RuntimePlatform.OSXWebPlayer)
if (Application.srcValue != "game.unity3d")
isPirated = true;
if (String.Compare (Application.absoluteURL,
"", true) != 0)
isPirated = true;

if (isPirated)
print("Pirated web player");