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function AddClip (clip : AnimationClip, newName : string) : void


Adds a clip to the animation with name newName.

var walkClip : AnimationClip;
animation.AddClip(walkClip, "walk");

function AddClip (clip : AnimationClip, newName : string, firstFrame : int, lastFrame : int, addLoopFrame : bool = false) : void


Adds clip to the only play between firstFrame and lastFrame. The new clip will also be added to the animation with name newName.

addLoopFrame: Should an extra frame be inserted at the end that matches the first frame? Turn this on if you are making a looping animation. If a clip with that name already exists it will be replaced with the new clip.

/// Split the default clip into a shoot, walk and idle animation
animation.AddClip(animation.clip, "shoot", 0, 10);
/// walk and idle will add an extra looping frame at the end
animation.AddClip(animation.clip, "walk", 11, 20, true);
animation.AddClip(animation.clip, "idle", 21, 30, true);