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リアルタイムネットワーキングは複雑ですが、Unityでは非常にシンプルに実現できます。しかし、ネットワークゲームを作る際には広く深く理解し ておくことが重要です。このセクションでは、ネットワーキングの基本コンセプトを説明し、Unityに特有の部分についても説明します。ネットワークゲー ムを作ったことがないのであれば、ゲーム開発を始める前に、このガイドを詳細に読むことを強くお勧めします。



Networking Elements in Unity

This section of the guide will cover Unity's execution of the ideas discussed above.

RPC Details

RPC stands for Remote Procedure Call. It is a way of calling a function on a remote machine. This may be a client calling a function on the server, or the server calling a function on all or specific clients, etc. This page explains RPC concepts in detail.

State Synchronization

State Synchronization is a method of regularly updating a specific set of data across two or more game instances running on the network.

Minimizing Bandwidth

Every choice you make about where and how to share data will affect the bandwidth your game uses. This page will share some details about bandwidth usage and how to keep it to a minimum.

Network View

Network Views are Components you use to share data across the network. They are extremely important to understand. This page will explain them in detail.

Network Instantiate

One difficult subject in networking is ownership of an object. Who controls what? Network Instantiation will determine this logic for you. This page will explain how to do this. It will also explain the complex alternatives, for situations when you just need more control.

Master Server

The Master Server is like a game lobby where servers can advertise their presence to clients. It is also a solution to enabling communication from behind a firewall or home network. When needed it makes it possible to use a technique called NAT punchthrough (with help from a facilitator) to make sure your players can always connect with each other. This page will explain how to use the Master Server.