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Audio Listener

The Audio Listener acts as a microphone-like device. It receives input from any given Audio Source in the scene and plays sounds through the computer speakers. It is traditionally attached to the Main Camera.

The Audio Listener, attached to the Main Camera


The Audio Listener has no properties. It simply must be added to work. It is always added to the Main Camera by default.


The Audio Listener works in conjunction with Audio Sources, allowing you to create the aural experience for your games. When the Audio Listener is attached to a GameObject in your scene, any Sources that are close enough to the Listener will be picked up and output to the computer's speakers. Each scene can only have 1 Audio Listener to work properly.

As long as the Sources are in mono format, the Listener will automatically position the sound correctly in the stereo field, at the correct volume. Stereo Sources will automatically play in both speakers. For example, if your character walks off a street into a night club, the night club's music should probably be stereo, while the individual voices of characters in the club should be mono with their realistic positioning being handled by Unity.

You should attach the Audio Listener to either the Main Camera or to the GameObject that represents the player. Try both to find what suits your game best.